Dance Company

2020-2021 Woods Cross High Dance Company

Congratulations to the following for making the 2020-2021 Dance Company. Information regarding upcoming meetings will be sent through given phone numbers after June 1st. Please mark the days of workshop on your calendars (found in the audition paperwork on the school website). I am excited to begin working with you!

Jr’s:                                                                                                   Sr’s:

Lorelai Byers                                                                                 Quinn Johnson

Klara Laurence                                                                              Jenna Plowman

Sophee Garner                                                                              Rachel Matthews

Ava Dimick                                                                                     Bella Ruy

Kaelyn Beckstrand                                                                        Alli Lingmann

Tessa Haslam                                                                                 Rachel Christian

Bella Hawkins                                                                                Halle Yost

Emily Coulum                                                                                 Aja Sanchez

Anna Short                                                                                      Lauren Palmer

Jess VanStaden                                                                              Megan Murphey

Leah Jones                                                                                      Makayla Cowley

Mckayla Mikkelson         

Miriam Ray

Alyssa Gill


Note to Incoming Sophomores:

Due to the numbers of auditioning dancers, as well as our current Covid-19 situation, priority was given to incoming Jr’s and Sr’s for placement on the Dance Company. We did not take any incoming Sophomores at this time, and because of this strongly encourage you to take Intermediate Dance spring semester. This will give me the opportunity to get to know you, and you the opportunity to perform in the spring dance concert! Thank you so much for auditioning and I look forward to seeing you in class this upcoming school year!


Dance Company

Dance Company