Academic Letter

The Academic Letter Program is to recognize Woods Cross High School high honors students and to provide these students with the opportunity to letter academically.

To qualify for Academic Letter, a student must complete a total of six (6) terms of work during high school (grades 10-12 only) which meet the following standards:

· At least seven of the eight classes taken during qualifying terms must be classes which affect the term’s grade point average (not pass/fail classes). Classes such as released time, office aide, teacher aide, and directed research are NOT counted towards the seven qualifying classes. 

· A grade point average of 3.75 must be achieved in each of the qualifying terms.

· At least two (2) of the classes taken during the qualifying terms must be Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Concurrent Enrollment (CE) core classes, or honors classes from the list provided on the application.

NOTE: Senior fourth term grades do not count towards Academic Letter. All requirements must be met by the end of third term senior year.

Applications must be turned in by APRIL 14th, 2023. No late applications will be accepted.

See application for more details and instructions on how to apply.