Applying to College

For a brief overview of in-state colleges including what programs are offered, please see the Utah College Guide. Some colleges waive admission fees during Utah College Application Week.

College Deadlines at a Glance

College Application Fee Waiver Codes

Seniors! If you need assistance or have questions about college and applications, please see Mrs. Martinez in the counseling office! She is here to help you get into college or other after high school trainings!

Throughout 2023-24, many colleges are test optional, meaning it is not mandatory for students to submit their ACT/SAT test scores as part of their admission application. Some colleges will require it for scholarships. Please check with the university where you are applying to verify.

For NCAA requirements, ACT is not required but needed for college applications and scholarships to help pay for college tuition/fees while playing for the college.

Some scholarships and/or applications require a letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer, or other trusted adult. Using the Letter of Recommendation form can help the recommender write a well-rounded letter on your behalf. If you are wanting a counselor recommendation, please fill out this form.