Concurrent Enrollment (CE) & Advanced Placement (AP)

AP v. CE: What's the Difference?

Concurrent Enrollment Information 

How do my credits transfer? 

To send college credits to one university from another, you will need to send college transcripts from the original college to the new one.

To send AP scores, please login to your myAP account. Colleges may not accept scores from WXHS transcripts and may require direct scores from College Board.


ACADEMIC ADVISING FOR WSU CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT STUDENTS: This is a great first step for students who are wondering how their CE/AP courses are counting and is a required step for any student interested in earning a WSU credential (e.g. Certificate of Completion, associate degree) during high school.

Questions? Email to make an appointment. Include your W#. It is advisable to send the message through your Wildcat email.