Junior High

High School


Credit Options

Packets/Summer Programs

Davis School District Summer Programs

Northridge Learning Center (Packets)

Original and/or make-up credit packets. PACKETS ARE NOT NCAA COMPLIANT. 

$50 per quarter credit. See your counselor for more information.

Northridge Learning Center

WXHS History Make-Up Packets

Make-up World History and US History credit only. $45 per quarter credit payable in the main office. See your counselor for form.

Online Learning

Online Options

Utah Students Connect (DSD)

Students in grades 9-12 can register to take online courses from UTSC.  UTSC provides quality education with innovative Utah Core curriculum, written and taught by Utah teachers.  Students can enroll each term for original credit or credit recovery with their school counselor. Original credit is free during the school year. Summer and recovery credit is $46.50 per quarter credit.

Final tests must be proctored. This free proctoring is done through Northern Utah Testing Center in Farmington Monday - Friday by appointment, or at Woods Cross the last week of each term for $5 per test. Sign up in counseling center.

Check out available classes, calendar, and more information at Utah Students Connect.


Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP)

This online program enables eligible students to earn high school graduation credit through the completion of publicly funded online courses. 

For more information about accredited providers and registration, visit the Statewide Online Education Program website.