Davis Connect Classes

Available Davis Connect Courses

To add a Davis Connect class, students can email their counselor to add it. IS classes must be added within 2 weeks of the term starting.

Classes can be added until April 22, 2024 to ensure student has time to complete course before school year ends.

Course Types:

OC (Online Classroom): Students will submit assignments in Canvas within regular term deadlines, engaging regularly with an online teacher and connecting with peers in live virtual learning sessions and online activities. Live online classroom learning sessions are held each week with additional teacher and small group support. If a student doesn’t complete their work by the end of the term, they will receive the grade earned.

I.S. (Independent Study): These classes are the same content as ALC, except they run by school calendar terms and have term due dates. Students will not be penalized for late work. These are NOT open entry/exit, like ALC. Students can enter I.S. classes within the first two weeks of the term only. If a student doesn’t complete their work by the end of the term, they will receive the grade earned.

ALC (A La Carte): These classes have the exact same content as I.S., but are student paced, with due dates listed as the end of the school year. These courses will not extend into the summer. ALC courses are open entry/exit. ALC courses should only be used in extenuating circumstances or for reasons that support a student’s learning goals, such as acceleration plan, intensive schedule, health concerns, mid-term emergency change of schedule, etc.

Honors: Students in core classes (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) for grades 7-11 can earn Honors credit by completing the Honors modules/requirements within the regular course. Once you are in the class, ask your teacher for more information. Upon completion of the honors requirements the transcript will be changed to reflect the honors designation.

CR (Credit Recovery): Credit recovery courses are shortened courses and are designed to only cover the essential content standards for a required high school course. These courses can be taken to recover a .25 credit in a class that has been taken previously and the student failed and received an “F” on their transcript.

Helpful Notes:

  • CE (Concurrent Enrollment): Classes must be added before Weber's enrollment deadlines and have limited seating.
  • Seniors will not be eligible for graduation or be able to pick up their cap & gown until their Davis Connect grade is finalized and posted on their transcript. WXHS suggests having all online classes done before May 1st to avoid any delays. Seniors should communicate with their online teachers to finalize grades when they finish the course. Finalized grades can take 2 weeks depending on the teacher & grading. WXHS has no control over Davis connect grades. Please plan accordingly.
  • Students/parents can check their student credits by going to my DSD:
    • myDSD->Academics->Reports -> Graduation Summary