Departmental Achievement Awards

Students who earn a departmental achievement award will receive a certificate. 

Applications are due by April 12, 2024. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Requirements subject to change. Transcripts can be downloaded from MyDSD.

ART – Melanie Swann

  1. Minimum of 3 semesters of any WX art class.
  2. Maintain an A- and H within those classes.
  3. Must enter an art competition or contest, such as state art show, Davis Schools Competition, etc.
  4. Must have a sketchbook.

ATHLETIC – Dave Simon

  1. Two years of participation in a varsity sport.
  2. Minimum GPA 3.5


  1. Complete a series of courses in one or more of the USBE CTE Pathways. Most pathways requires completion of at least three credits; generally two in foundation courses, and one in elective courses.
  2. No application necessary. Completers determined by the CTE Coordinator.

DANCE – Whitney Warner 

1. Award earned by instructor nomination (Whitney Warner).

ENGLISH – Roxey Catenzaro

  1. Enrolled in AP English all year maintaining “A” grades (not A-) all four terms OR enrolled in CE 1010 and CE 2010 all year maintaining “A’ grades (not A-) all four terms.
  2. If you took AP English, you must take at least one of the AP English tests.
  3. Received no more than a total of 2 “A-” grades in 10th and 11th grade English.
  4. Took at least one-year HS honors English prior to AP English.
  5. Scored at least 27 on English section of ACT OR scored an average of 28 on the English and Reading sections of ACT test. Please attach a copy of your transcript.

MATH – Robyn Ward

  1. Must have taken a math course each year of high school from 9th – 12th grades.
  2. Must have taken or be currently enrolled in AP Calculus.
  3. Must have an average 3.5 GPA or higher in math courses in 9th – 12th grades.
  4. Must have accomplished one of the following:
  • Taken or currently enrolled in AP Statistics
  • Math ACT sub-score of 33 or higher
  • Unique personal mathematics experience. For example, USU Engineering State, a relevant internship, Math Sterling Scholar, State Math Contest award, University math class.

Instructions: Please read and complete the application thoroughly and include an unofficial copy of your transcript.  Applications that are late, incomplete or without transcripts will not be considered for an award.

MUSIC (*updated 3/28/23) – Todd Campbell

MUSIC DEPARTMENT DUE DATE: MAY 5, 2023 Requirements: 1. Three full years of involvement (sophomore, junior, and senior years) in the music Ensembles at Woods Cross High. Junior High Music Participation does NOT count. 2. 3.7 GPA in Music Ensembles (A or A- grades only in music classes) all three years. 3. One "Superior" rating in Region or State music festivals as soloist or member of small ensemble. 4. Two "Superior" ratings in Region, State, or National music festival as member of LARGE performing ensemble such as: Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Madrigals, Concert Choir, Orchestra. 5. Award may also be earned by instructor nomination. 6. Please do NOT turn in until after State Solo & Ensemble (April 29).

SCIENCE – Janette Duffin

  1. Six semesters of science classes*  between ninth and twelfth grades.
  2. At least one complete year of AP/CE science including test (AP Biology, AP Chemistry, CE Chemistry, CE Engineering, AP Physics C, or AP Physics 1 w/AP test taken or scheduled)
  3. A grade point average in science classes of at least 3.50 with no science grades below B-


1.  Eight semesters of science classes* between ninth and twelfth grades
2. At least 4 semesters of Honors science (Honors/AP Physics 1 without taking AP Test counts here)
3. A grade point average in science classes of at least 3.50 with no science grades below B-

*Science classes accepted include Biology, Marine Biology, Honors Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, CE Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Earth Systems, Physics, Honors/AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, CE Engineering

SOCIAL STUDIES – Annette Nielsen

1.  Have taken at least 7 semester credits in Social Studies in 9th - 12th grades.
2. Have taken at least THREE Social Studies AP or CE classes in 9th – 12th grades.
3, Have passed at least TWO Social Studies AP exams in 9th – 12th grades.
4. Have received no more than 2 grades lower than an A with B+ being the lowest acceptable grade in Social Studies classes between the 9th – 12th grades.
5. Have received no U citizenship grade in any Social Studies class in 9th – 12th grades.
6. The following classes qualify: Geography or AP Human Geography, World History or AP World History, US or AP/CE US History, US Government or AP US Government, Psychology or AP Psychology, Sociology, Sports Psychology.


SPEECH and DEBATE – Nominate by Debate Coach

  1. Take a debate class all three years of high school. A class taken one semester during a year will qualify.
  2. Earn “A” grades in all debate classes. Received no citizenship “U” or “N” in any debate class.
  3. Earn at least the Degree of Distinction (250 NSDA points).
  4. Meet all departmental financial obligations.

Accomplish one of the following --

  • Superior delegate at a major Model United Nations conference
  • Placing first, second, or third at an invitational tournament.
  • School winner for the Voice of Democracy, American Legion, or another contest.
  • Sterling Scholar nominee for Speech and Debate
  • Chosen as Boys’ or Girls’ State representative
  • Outstanding year of service as a team officer
  • Selection as outstanding attorney or witness in a mock trial.

Speech & Debate is based on teacher nomination so no application. See Dr. Josh Klein for any questions.

THEATER – Liz Christensen

Applications for The Theatre Department Achievement Award are open to Seniors who meet the following criteria: 

  1. Earned at least 5 semester credits in theatre during grades 9-12.
  2.  A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.
  3. No N or U citizenship grades in any theater class.
  4. Must have taken a non-musical theatre class.
  5. Must have participated in at least two Woods Cross High School Theatre productions.


  1. Must have only A or A- grades in language classes.
  2. No unsatisfactory citizenship in language classes.
  • ASL: Complete at least Level 2 (concurrent enrollment); active member of SLAM 1 year
  • Chinese: Complete at least Level 2
  • French: Complete at least Level 3; at least 1 year at WXHS; at least 1 concurrent enrollment year
  • Spanish: Complete at least Level 3; at least 2 years at WXHS

STUDENT BODY and SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS – Submitted by Loni Beckman

  1. Officers must pass each term with a B+ or better and complete their tasks.
  2. Cannot have been placed on probation during the year for any reason.