What is CTE?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students with access to high quality programs that focus on post high school career skills, internships, technical college, and concurrent enrollment through local universities.


Career and Technical Education at Woods Cross High provides our students with knowledge and skills in many different content areas.

Courses combine the academic knowledge and technical skills that are vital for entry into the careers of the 21st century. Many CTE courses also offer concurrent enrollment college credit. Career Pathways help students to seamlessly transition from high school to college to careers and life. Skills are verified through CTE State Skill Certificate tests or industry tests in each course. 

CTE student leadership organizations (CTSOs) combine classroom instruction with leadership training and a practical application of skills. Each organization provides training and competition specific to a CTE program area. Students enrolled in Career & Technical Education courses are encouraged to participate in the student organization that relates to their area of career interest. Each year students participate in region and state competitions. State winners are eligible to attend their national competitions. Student organizations are DECA, FCCLA, HOSA, TSA.

What are some of the advantages of CTE?

  • Lifelong usable skills.

  • CTE students have a higher graduation rate than non-CTE students.

  • The CTE Skills Certificate that students earn in their courses gives them an edge in the workplace. 

  • Students are provided with structured training and the necessary tools to be successful in a career or further education after high school.

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Christy Perkins

 WXHS CTE Coordinator
 Early Childhood Training Center Coordinator
 DSD CCA Specialist

 Toni Salisbury
 WXHS CTE Secretary

Career and Technical Education


Andrew Bird- Health Science

Rebekah Bills- Foods and Nutrition

Jack Hattaway- Graphic Design

Bob Hawkes- Engineering and Financial Literacy

Nicole Hogan- Business and Financial Literacy

Weston Kidder- Manufacturing Technology

Evan Kirk- Automotive

David Pilkington- Video and Graphic Production

Cory Snelson- Information Technology

Leslie Johnson- Business and Financial Literacy

Megan Teerlink- Animal and Plant Science

Jen Thompson- Family Studies

Porter May- Biotech

Doug Young- Health Science

Melissa Taylor- Child Care



Pick YOUR Perfect Pathway
Recoreded Event

Did you miss our Presentation to learn about the about the different Pathways that you can take while attending Woods Cross High?

  Information that was presented include: 

  • Earning college credit through Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment Courses 
  • Earning Certificate of Completion- complete general education requirements for an Associate or Bachelor Degree while at WXHS
  • Skill Oriented Pathways that unlock careers in many high paying, in-demand jobs on the Wasatch Front 

This evening will help parents and students plan how to use high school to prepare students for all their future goals and aspirations.  Students can start on their pathway as early as 9th grade.  Please contact a counselor or CTE Coordinator at Woods Cross High for further information.   

Check it out the recorded event @ https://youtu.be/oCYwNRs2P