Davis School District recognizes the need for qualified, well trained, and responsible childcare providers. To meet this need the school district, through the Career and Technical Education Department, offers full-time childcare. The childcare centers are part of the Family and Consumer Science program and provides a laboratory for high school students to get experience in early childhood education. The purpose of the centers are three-fold.

  • Provide an affordable and high-quality childcare for Davis School District Employee's children and grandchildren.
  • Provide a safe, nurturing, and learning environment that is age appropriate for children six weeks old through kindergarten.
  • Provide a training center for high school students to employ their learning/training through their child development and childcare classes.

Quality childcare can make a big difference in the future of the community. The school district's goal is to provide a program that is beneficial for the children being cared for, the high school students that are learning, and the employees that are working in the district.

Syracuse High School Childcare Training Center Coordinator

  Kristen Dyer kdyer@dsdmail.net


Layton High School Childcare Training Center Coordinator

Terry Rawley trawley@dsdmail.net


Viewmont High School Childcare Training Center Coordinator

Sayla Silo


Clearfield High School Childcare Training Center Coordinator

  Kindra Burlison burlison@dsdmail.net


  Davis High School    Childcare Training Center Coordinator

Stephanie Chesmer  schesmer@dsdmail.net


   Northridge High       Childcare Training Center    Coordinator

  Kandy Borup  kborup@dsdmail.net


       Farmington High      Childcare Training Center Coordinator

    Juana Leon       jleon@dsdmail.net  


Woods Cross High    Childcare Training Center Coordinator

Melissa Taylor melitaylor@dsdmail.net


DSD Childcare Training Center Waiting List

Completion of this form does not guarantee admission to childcare center. Enrollment preferences will be given to families that previously enrolled in the center, and as outlined in the Childcare Parent/Guardian Handbook. Click here to review the Davis School District Childcare Parent/Guardian Handbook before filling out the waiting list form. A child's registration will be complete when a confirmation email has been sent and the enrollment fee paid in the main office.