Davis Technical College (DTC)

So, you want to go to the DTC?

Decide on the DTC Program that fits you. To help with this decision you can:

Check out DTC Virtual Tour

Schedule an appointment with the CTE coordinator, Christy Perkins, in the CTE office.

You can, also, email cperkins@dsdmail.net or call 801-402-4572.

  • Visit the DTC Website at davistech.edu  
  • Look through the DTC Programs
    • Length of the program
    • Enrollment Type
    • Program Links
    • Cost for a High School student
    • Cost after HS graduation
    • Admission Requirements
    •  And more
  • Look at the DTC Future Students -  High School Students information. 
  • Consider setting up a tour of the DTC Campus at    801-593-2500.   *Tours are very limited.   
  •  Plan to attend one of the DTC Information Meetings in the Fall or in the Spring.

Questions you might have about the DTC

Do I qualify for DTC Courses?

All students who attend DTC must meet the following requirements:

  • On track for graduation
  • Current 2.0 GPA
  • Stellar attendance
  • Enrolled in a related class at WXHS
  • Check-in with CTE Office periodically about DTC Progress


When can I register for the DTC?

Once you meet the age requirement for the program, you can register a month before you want to begin the open enrollment program or before you leave school for the Summer. If the program has a training schedule, you can register as soon as you see the schedule you wish to attend.

How do classes at Davis Tech work?
Watch this DTC video that explains Davis Tech, registering for MOST classes, our processes for MOST classes, how grading works with progress and attendance, how to access your Student Portal, and how competency-based education works.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr0QkGyPWxs

Do I pay tuition at Davis Tech?

High school students must pay a $40 registration fee, but do not pay tuition while in high school. Scholarships and Financial Aid are available for those needing to finish their program shortly after graduation.

Can my parent/guardian complete my registration for me?

Your parent/guardian can certainly assist you with the registration process, but the person who will be attending Davis Tech must be the one completing the registration to acknowledge and accept policies and procedures at Davis Tech. Davis Tech is a college and has different rules and laws than high schools. We follow the FERPA law severely limiting us on what we can and cannot disclose to parents (even if the student is under 18).

What will I need to complete my registration?

Each application’s requirements are different so refer to the program’s webpage for admission requirements. However, all students completing registration will need the following:

•         A government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.)

•         Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

•         Copy of transcripts to see if you qualify to have assessment testing waived

Do I have to take entrance assessments for all programs?

Some programs require entrance assessments.  If contacting the Assessment Center is on your Task List during the registration process, you will need to go to Davis Tech to do so.

How can I get to campus if I don’t have transportation?

All Davis Tech students are eligible for a free UTA bus pass! Go to Student Services and ask for your UTA pass.

If you have any questions regarding registration or enrollment, please contact Student Services at 801-593-2332 or enrollment@davistech.edu.


Now that you have decided on a DTC program, how do you become a DTC student?

 1.     Contact your counselor to discuss graduation credits and how the DTC will fit into your schedule.

When there is a concern for the student’s success in the program or an F or a U on the student’s transcript, a Success Plan Contract is set up to work towards removing the F or U.   A contract not adhered to may mean removal from the DTC.

If you receive Special Ed services, contact Shara Ballstaedt 801-593-2370 BEFORE any DTC enrollment paperwork is completed and turned in.  She will get you all set up, walk you through the registration process, and then send you back to us to create your transmittal.  www.davistech.edu/disability-services.

2.     Once you have decided on a DTC Program, complete the DTC Enrollment Process.


Davis Tech Online Enrollment Process

1.       Go to davistech.edu

2.       Use the Program drop down menu to find the DTC program that you are going into.  Click on it.

3.       Find the red “Apply to Program” button on the program page and click on it.

4.       Read the instructions and then find the red “Apply to davis tech” button and click on it.

5.       From the Sign in Screen – Click Sign Up” (under the sign in button), Fill in Name and email, click Not a robot, and Click Submit.

  • if a DTC account has already been created, enter your information and click “Sign in”.

6.       You will be sent an e-mail from Davis Technical College with a link to a page to set your password. Click the link in the e-mail. If you have not received this email, please check your ‘Promotions’ or ‘Junk’ folders.  Please keep this information.

7.       After you have reset your password, look Under Applications and click on ‘Start a New Application’

8.       Under Program, search for and select the program you are applying for. If you do not see your program, it is not open for  enrollment and you will want to check the training schedule on the program page to see when the next enrollment opens.

9.       Under Term, select the current school year (not the school year you want to attend)

10.    Complete the Program checklist items listed within your dashboard until it says you are 100% complete.

11.    If a submission or DTC ID# email is not sent to you within 3 days, CALL THEM at 801-593-2500 or 801-593-2332.


12.    MY DTC ID # ____________________________________

3.     Once you have received your DTC ID #, complete the green DTC Transmittal Request form and return it to CTE secretary, Toni Salisbury, in the CTE Office or at TSALISBURY@dsdmail.net


4.     Go to DTC Student Services with your official DTC Transmittal print out to be scheduled into your DTC Classes and to pay the program fees.

·         Plan to PAY the $40.00 enrollment fee plus additional program fees using a card.


5.     After you have met with DTC Student Services to create a Program Class Schedule, come back to CTE secretary, Toni Salisbury, and she will help get the DTC put into your high school schedule.

If you have any problems getting registered at DTC Student Services or change your mind and decide not to attend the DTC, please let us know.