How To Pay Fees

Paying Fees Online

To make paying fees an easier process, you now have the option of paying online using myDSD.
Here are the steps to take to pay fees online:
1. Go to the myDSD login page using a web browser. Fees cannot be paid in the myDSD app.
2. Login to myDSD, or if you are a first time user, select the Create an account now
3. Select the Payments tab:

myDSD Menu

4. Select the Pay for Fees/Lunch option from the drop down menu.
5. Select the Fees/Fines Owed tab:

Fees Fines Owed

6. Click the Add button. This will add all required registration fees to your cart.
7. Click the Optional Fees tab:

Optional Fees

8. Add any Fees that apply to your child. This will also add these items to your cart.
9. Once you have added all applicable items to your cart, click the Checkout button:


10. This will take you to the Review Cart page. You can delete items by clicking the red “X”
next to any item you don’t want. If everything looks good, click the Enter Payment button.
11. Click the circle next to the type of payment method you want to use. Be aware that fees apply
when using a credit card.
12. To complete the process, click the green Submit Payment button:

Submit Payment

13. Once the payment is processed, you will see a summary of your purchase. You do have the
option to print your receipt. It is not necessary to send this receipt to the office.