Student Laptop Information

Parent Tech Info

Hello Parents and Guardians of Woods Cross High School

I would like to inform you of your options concerning student laptops from the school.

All students have access to a district laptop. If a device is not functioning well, contact Tim Wilson, the School Technology Specialist at, by phone at 801-402-9941, or come to room 219b by the auto shop classroom

If you don’t have internet access at home, the district can provide a hot-spot upon request.
Click here for instructions

If you, as the parent/guardian, see a need for additional restrictions on the student laptop beyond what the district is already doing, requests can be sent by email to Here are some examples of additional restrictions that can be added to a student account.

a. Allow logins outside the U.S. If traveling and they need to login, access can be enabled.
b. Block YouTube
c. Block internet from 10pm – 6:30am each night
d. Block district wireless access at school on personal devices (does not block data plans)
e. Block Minecraft, other games, social media and more.
f.  Block school email/Office365 access.
g. Block all internet access.
h. Block school network access. This disables their school account

Parents/Guardians can create a parent account in Canvas to see their student’s assignments and progress in each class.

Parents/Guardians can also request a parent account in our computer monitoring program called Net-Ref which would allow parents to see what their students have been doing on school computers. Contact Tim Wilson, the School Technology Specialist ( )

The state of Utah has paid for training for all students and parents related to school safety and digital citizenship. We encourage you to view this training and have wise rules concerning technology use at home (example: keep devices in public/family spaces, not in bedrooms etc.)

The district provides a license for all Jr. High and High School students to have Adobe products on 2 home computers. These apps include Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and many more.

a. On a non-school computer, go to and click Sign in
b. Type in your school email address, Continue
c. Click Company or School Account if asked. Enter your password.
d. Find the App you want and download it. This could take awhile.
e. If there are any problems, contact the School Technology Specialist at