Spectator Agreement

Davis School District Spectator Agreement

(Guidelines and Expectations)

By entering a Davis School District event facility, spectators agree to the following:

o Spectators will be required to wear face coverings to attend all Davis School District events. Games may be delayed or suspended for noncompliance.

o Spectators will maintain physical social distancing whenever possible

o Spectators will not attend event if exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, sudden change in taste or smell, muscle aches or pains, close contact with someone who has COVID19)

● All ticket purchases must be done in advance via electronic system or out of the main office. Same day ticketing will NOT be sold at the game/activity event.

● Wrist bands, electronic tickets, or paper tickets for Spectators are required for entrance - no money will be taken at the door/gate.

● Be aware that cancellation of games may occur at any time due to concerns with COVID19.

● A maximum of 50% of outdoor Stadium/Field/facility capacities and a maximum 25% of indoor Gym/facility capacities may attend and will be determined by schools based on their individual facilities and their ability to provide for physical distancing. Schools will limit the number of spectators accordingly.

● Proper social distancing protocols will be adhered to for all spectators. Compliance of these expectations will be evaluated after every game/activity to determine future spectator admission.

By attending a Davis District event, I accept the above rules and expectations as a spectator in order to attend this event and recognize that if I don’t adhere to expectations it may jeopardize my opportunity to attend future games/activities.


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